Nightsong for the Boatman by Jovanka Bach

Nightsong for the Boatman by Jovanka Bach

Nightsong for the Boatman by Jovanka Bach, with Nicole Scipione as Shelia, John DiFusco as Harry, and Geoffrey Hillback as Gordon. Directed by John Stark. Design by Jaret Sacrey. Music by John DeYoung. Vocals by Amanda Landis. Lighting and Sound by Joe Morrissey.

TBG Theatre • 312 W. 36th, N.Y.C.
(212) 868-4444 • Limited Engagement
January 6th to 30th, 2011


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Lets Talk Off-Broadway

What a bunch of characters! On an isolated wharf lit by a bright moon two men are engaged in a Jacob and the Angel-like struggle shooting dice. Murlie, with a tough-guy accent, looks like a denizen of the docks as does his soft-spoken, shaved head buddy Dunbar. When Harry loses, he's sure the dice are loaded -- we're sure, too. But what are the stakes?

...From a scary start on the docks, the play morphs into a witty, richly drawn domestic-academic comedy. More...

LA Stage Times: Nightsong for the Boatman

I was rummaging through my dear deceased wife's belongings, when I uncovered a hidden treasure – a never before seen copy of a play entitled Nightsong for the Boatman by Jovanka Bach, which she had written over 20 years ago and filed away without telling me about it. And when I read it I was utterly amazed. I immediately went into production with the piece, which I found as fascinating as the best works of Albee, Beckett and Ionesco. More...

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