A Play on Words - Produced and written by John Stark

A Play On Words, a feature film produced and written by John Stark, is being given its world premiere at the 2014 American Film Market in Santa Monica, California, November 10th. Directed by Harvey Lowry, the film stars Kathleen Gati, with a supporting cast of Michael Vaccaro, Susan Ziegler, Tom Groenwald and Katharina Magdalena. Set in a college classroom, where Professor Pavlic lectures on the origin of man and spoken language, four students confront each other and act out their traumatic life experiences before the rest of the class. The professor keeps receiving anonymous love letters from someone. When she discovers that the love letters are being sent to her by a lesbian student in her class, the outcome leads to a moving and stunningly dramatic conclusion.

A Play on Words may now be viewed on Amazon.com.

A Play on Words
Starring Kathleen Gati
Directed by Harvey Lowry
Produced & Written by John Stark

World Premiere at American Film Market
Loews Hotel • November 10th• Santa Monica

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